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‘It's a very high quality camp that really helps you focus on what you’re doing wrong and right when you’re playing soccer.’

‘Learned simple but effective moves.’

‘The i2i International Soccer Academy is by far the best training I've received to improve my skills and knowledge of the game, as well as the best opportunity to further your career in soccer.’

‘I just want to take you the few days with you guys got my son Maverick ready for the Olympic development program’

‘The camp was wonderful; the coaches were very knowledgeable and knew what they were talking about. I would highly recommend anyone attending attend the camp.’

‘Originally I was very skeptical of this program. As a coach and president of a small club we have been approached by similar groups with limited success. The i2i experience was much different, coaches were well organized, knowledgeable and a real pleasure to work with. The prospect camp was challenging and our players really enjoyed both the coaches and the sessions. We look forward to building a long lasting relationship with i2i and helping them grow their program. Well worth the time and money.’

‘The i2i soccer camp is a great way to get a look at how training is back in England and gain information as well as motivation to study and keep playing soccer.’

‘The training was great and the coaches were knowledgeable, and supportive. It was a great opportunity to train and play at a high level. Can’t wait for the next camp!’

‘As parents we believe that the coaches were very professional and had a great connection with the players, they also showed to be not only great coaches but great human beings and I also want to say that the coaches were very reachable and that I am very grateful for the chance you have given my child. Thank you!’

‘The coaches are very friendly and it's amazing how you guys remember the players name so quick. I found that very interesting. The camp overall was a lot of fun and I'm glad I was a part of it.’

‘It was an amazing experience, my brother was able to learn so much from just 3 days I could just imagine what he will learn in a 10 taster trip and in 3 years. Great value for the money you pay. You cannot go wrong; it has opened so many doors for my brother.’

‘I liked this camp. The training was really good and you learn lots of new things to improve your game. And working with elite coaches helps you learn quickly.’

‘The i2i College ID Clinic was an amazing experience; it helped me understand football in a greater way. I was surrounded by professional coaches with tons of experience and the environment was really professional.

My experience at the i2i prospect camp is one that I would never forget. Training with professional coaches and seeing them encourage and boost my morale in the game I love dearly seemed like a dream, but it was actually a reality when I could loudly hear those words of encouragement and directions from each and every single one of them resonating in my ears on how to go about the game and ways to improve my game. In addition to this, being able to interact with these professional coaches seemed surreal. It almost seemed as if I had already begun my Professional career in soccer and as if I was playing for Manchester United, which one of my favorite teams. Their calm and supportive corrections are something that I would forever appreciate. Reasons and explanations were given as to why certain drills were been done, why we did what we did, where it applied in a real match setting and ways to improve one’s game. It almost seemed as if I was in a dream,but it wasn't as I could feel my legs galloping and chasing balls around even in exhaustion. But the dedication and love for the game, alongside the ever resonating words of encouragement from the i2i international Academy coaches reignited my strength each time. An environment filled with care, love and support all around, is definitely what I felt from the first day I walked into the training ground till the day I gave my final handshake to my fellow teammates and coaching staff of i2i international soccer. Surrounded by other passionate teammates, new friends were made. It's always a great feeling to enjoy what you love alongside other people that are equally passionate about the same thing as you are. I learnt so much in a short period of time. Hard work, dedication, consistency and discipline are all key to succeed in whatever you do in life. I am forever grateful to i2i international soccer Academy for their ever present support, love and guidance, even I as pursue my professional career in football (soccer).’

‘It was a great experience and i can't wait to hopefully further my soccer career through i2i.’

‘The coaches were very professional. They worked with the boys in "one on one" format with their instructions. Their attitudes towards the players was comforting, as the players felt as they had known the coaches for years. The coaching staff had no restrictions and were not reserved as other clinics are. This group has been by far the BEST camp my players have attended in my coaching of 12 years. I will recommend this camp again to all my players and club affiliates.’

‘Overall great atmosphere and good use of time to learn, play and to become better at soccer.’

‘The i2i International Soccer Academy is by far the best training I've received to improve my skills and knowledge of the game, as well as the best opportunity to further your career in soccer.’